Cairo Academy, also called Egypt Academy, is the Egyptian branch of Seto Kaiba's Duel Academy.


The Cairo Academy is like prep-school and Dueling Academy combined. Students enter at age 12 and ate age 16, they can transfer to one of the main branches of the Duel Academies. This can been seen when Reika was 16 she transferred to Duel Academy.


The girls uniform consists of a light brown sleeveless top, with a darker brown vest, light brown skirt, and pale boots. The males is consisted of a dark brown jacket with gold trimming, dark gray pants and dark shoes.



  • Farah Amir - Headmistress
  • Unnamed Vice principal
  • Selene - Secretary
  • Professor Eboni Mounier
  • Professor Lina Amaya - Dueling Professor
  • Professor Baraka Amhop - Professor Dueling Psychology
  • Doctor Asali Iset - Professor of Dueling History
  • Unnamed nurse