Chapter Summary


Chapter 1: Back to Duel

It's the start of the new year and both Jaden and Reyna are in a duel with some people called, A.P, and Allegra, respectively!

Chapter 2: Moving on Up

Chapter 3: Knights on the Rise

Chapter 4: The Light

Chapter 5: New Duelists Up to Duel

Chapter 6: Old friends Return

Chapter 7: Dino Dueling

While bringing more duel disks to the academy, Jaden, Reyna dna Reika (who came long for some fun) learn from Syrus about a Bully.

Chapter 8: Winged Beast Wars

Chapter 9: Kaiser Rising

Chapter 10: Syrus Big Chance

Chapter 11: Downfall of the Kaisers

Chapter 12: The Light Strikes Part I

Chapter 13: The Light Strikes Part II

Chapter 14: Road to Stardom

Chapter 15: Brotherly Advice

Chapter 16: The A Competition

Chapter X: The Wicked Avatar

Chapter X: The Wicked Eraser

Chapter X: The Wicked Dreadfoot

Chapter X: Return of the Past

Kyle Taylor manages to escape from prison and finds his way back to Duel Academy where he goes after Reika. Will Reika be able to defeat Kyle once and for all?