Raziya Massri
Personal data
Age 17
Gender Female
Species Human
Deck Egyptian
Occupation Transfer Student
Dormitory Obelisk
Morality Good
Production notes
Created by PrincessAnime08
Appearances The Return of the Past

Raziya Massri is a transfer to Duel Academy from the Cairo Academy in Egypt. She duels with an Egyptian-themed deck and is considered as an Obelisk when at Duel Academy.



Being born in Egypt, Raziya has tanned skin, straight waist-length black hair with ringlets at the end of her hair and sapphire blue eyes. Around her neck is ankh, she wears a light brown shirt with a black sleeveless vest with pockets over it and black jeans with a brown weaved belt, and boots.





The Return of the Past Edit

Raziya is a transfer from Egypt Duel Academy during Duel Academy's third year. She duels Reyna Yuki at the request of her Eboni Mounier. Raziya is unable to see duel spirits but does believe in them. She begins to suspect that her Professor is up to something, and investigates with Axel, when she discovers the truth she joins Reyna and the others to stop Viper.