Reina Yuki
Personal data
Nicknames Rei
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human
Deck Gem-Knight
Occupation Student of Duel Academy
Dormitory Obelisk Blue
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by PrincessAnime08

Reina Yuki is the younger twin sister of canon character Judai Yuki. Reina duels with a Gem-knight deck with her main duel spirit being Gem-Merchant. She is an Obelisk Blue student.



Reina is very slim with a petite build; she has long brown hair with a single red streak and brown eyes. She wears the Obelisk Girl uniform, with a pair of shorts under her skirt.



Reina has the ability to see and communicate with Duel Spirits. She is a gifted duelist and is able to work with anything inher hand and can work without even having to fuse her monsters. 


Reina is the youngest child and only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Yuki, and the twin sister of Judai Yuki.


Reina runs an Gem-Knight Deck. Like Jaden, they involve the usage of their own version of Polymerization, Gem-Knight Fusion, to create stronger monsters.


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