Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't be the Heir to my pride! Girls can be rulers too!

Ujasiri is the eldest daughter of Saka and Asali and the older sister of Ajia, Bahiya, and Chausiku. She is also one of the four princesses of the Msafiri Pride and Saka's heir.


Small and lithe, Ujasiri has a pale silvery-white pelt with her muzzle, underbelly and paws being pure white, which stands out to show that she is not a white lioness. She has pale blue-gray eyes with and a birth mark under her left eye and her eyes have black tips. Her tail tuft is a dark slate gray.


Ujasiri, like all cubs, is very adventurous and curious. She has a habit of wandering off on her own making her mother worry. She is also very protective of her family and won't take kindly to anyone who makes fun of them. She is especially protective of her younger sisters. As the eldest sister, she finds herself having to "tame" her younger sisters.



Born to Saka and Asali, the king and queen of the Msafiri Pride. As the first born, Ujasiri is next in line to rule the pride. She is also the elder sister of Ajia, Bahiya and Chausiku.

King of the Jungle: The Rise and Fall of KingsEdit


King of the Jungle: The Rise and Fall of KingsEdit





  • Ujasiri was originally named Ainra, meaning "Eternal Power".