Zachary Avalon
Personal data
Nicknames Zack
Age 19 (Return of the Past)
Gender Male
Species Human
Deck Dragon
Occupation Professional Duelist
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by PrincessAnime08
Appearances Return of the Past

Zachary Avalon, commonly referred to as Zack, is the elder brother of Valera Avalon. He duels with a dragon based deck with some created cards. His Duel Spirits are Fergland Dragon and Red-Eyes Light Dragon.

He is also one of the holders of the Blue-Eyes Dark Dragon, the other being Reika Tsumura, who holds one, but the last two are unknown..



Zack has a shorty blue spiky hair and blue-green eyes. He's taller than his sister and slightly muscular. Zack has lightly tanned skin and wears a black leather jacket over a navy t-shirt, he wears blue denim jeans with black and white converse, he has a blue deck box clipped to his black belt.


Zack isn't an over-protective brother, but he does love his sister a lot since she's all he has left of his biological family. Zack does have a big brother side to him, especially when he hears about how Duel Academy went missing, he cancels his first Pro-League match in order to find out what happened Duel Academy.


Zack can see duel spirits like his sister. Zack loves to play sports (which why his skin is tanned), therefore is very athletic. He's a good duelist and a recent graduate of Duel-Tech High.



Zack and Valera's parents died when they were young.

Return of the Past

He goes to Duel Academy to drop Valera off before beginning his Pro League tour. Zack asked his adoptive father not sponsor him because he wants to make it on his own power. He then tries to stop Valera from going after Jaden when he first goes missing, but she reacts by biting his hand hard. He eventually relents and goes along with his sister to Dark World.


Like Reika, Zack duels with a Dragon Deck. Even though he is able to fall in the hands of the Dragon Capture Jar, he does not let that get to him. 


  • Zack was originally named Alex but was changed to avoid confusion with Alexandria Aarons, who's former nickname was Alex, and Alexander Taylor, who's nickname is Alex.